Road Trip in California

We started our road trip in San Francisco, where on the first day we went walking around the city and decided to take a trolley tour.

Exploring San Francisco:

We went up to get to Chinatown, the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest in the United States. This neighborhood is interesting, there are many shops and Chinese restaurants. We did a Chinese tea tasting and watch some festive street dancing.


On the second day, we walked to the Pier 39 on Fisherman’s Wharf, wherethere are a lot of sea lions hanging out.  Here, you can also catch the boat to Alcatraz Island from the pier, have lunch or do some shopping.



On the third day we went to see the Golden Bridge, where we walked across the bridge, after visiting Sausalito.



Visiting Sausalito:

This is a beautiful and charming village, full of nice restaurants and stores.  Here there are many nice restaurants for eating lunch, and you can seeawesome views of San Francisco Bay the skyline along with Alcatraz island.


Tip: If you decide to walk across the bridge, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because it will take about 40 minutes walk the whole way across.

For dinner one night, we went to Swan Oyster Depot, one of the best places for seafood in San Franscico.

After dinner, we went to enjoy the nightlife in The Castro neighborhood.  It is one of San Francisco’s most vibrant places where there are a lot of bars and clubs.

Next Stop: Santa Barbara

There are beautiful beaches, and gorgeous Spanish Colonial architecture. We spent the day, on a duck tour, which goes around the city and on the water.  Another really cool thing to do is to rent a bike and go sightseeing or drinking wine, around town.

We  did a wine tasting, to try some of California’s world famous wines.   For this tour we went to Giessinger Winery.




Next stop: Malibu

This place is just as you see in the movies.  We stopped to walk along the beach, eat lunch and to feel the vibe of the place.  The beach is beautiful, with mansions and beautiful people walking all over!


On the same day we went to Santa Monica & Venice Beach and we spent the rest of day walking around the beach.

Santa Monica Pier

Last stop: Los Angeles

We toured around the city, and saw several places where movies were filmed.   We walked the Hollywood walk of fame and then Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills.   Of course we went to the Hollywood sign and enjoyed the night in LA.





We enjoyed a few days in the urban city of San Francisco.   We drove 10 hours on California Route 1, along the beautiful California coast, where the Pacific ocean meets steep cliffs and tucked away beaches.




We did a wine tour in Santa Barbara, and visited the beautiful beach of Malibu and the Santa Monica Pier.   Not to mention, we had plenty of fun in the the bustling city of Los Angeles.

It was an unforgettable trip, driving and enjoying the beautiful views of California.



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