Interacting with the Iguanas, Swimming Pigs and Sharks of The Bahamas

On our recent trip to The Bahamas we went to the capital Nassau and then to The Exumas.

The Exumas are an archipelago, made up of more than 365 islands and islets.  Divided into 3 main areas: Great Exuma, Little Exuma and The Exuma Keys.

The first time we went to The Exumas was in 2014, and we visited Great Exuma. It was not as popular as it is now.

How to get to Great Exuma?

To get to Great Exuma, you must fly into George Town.

At Great Exuma you can also see the swimming pigs, feed Iguanas, and stingrays at the restaurant, Chat n’ Chill Bar.

Great Exuma
Great Exuma

Now in 2017 we went to The Exuma Keys, after a long weekend in Nassau. The purpose of getting there was to swim with the sharks.  Back in 2014 when we went to Great Exuma, we did not know about the sharks at Compass Cay (The Exuma Keys), even if we knew, it would take a long time to get there, and be more expensive.

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How to get to Compass Cay?

To get to Compass Cay, you must fly into Staniel Cay, from Nassau or another airports in The Bahamas. Then go on a boat tour around the islands.

Boating tour in The Exuma Keys:

After arriving at the Airport in Staniel Cay, the tour company picked us up, and we started our tour.

We first stopped at the James Bond Thunderball, where we had to swim though to get inside of the cave. It was very hard to get inside, Keith had a hard time trying to swim against the current.

Keith Bond!

After that, the captain took us to the Iguana Beach.  It is an island inhabited by many iguanas.  This tour was very interesting, as the iguanas interact and are not afraid of humans.

Iguana Beach

The swimming pigs of the Bahamas:

When we got close to the beach, the pigs started swimming up to the boat, looking for food.  They know people are bringing them treats.  The pigs, are exceptionally friendly. They live freely on the beach.

We had the chance to interact with Iguanas, and swim with the original pigs of the Bahamas this time.

Playing with pigs at Exuma keys

We had a picnic lunch on a sand bar beach, and then we finally got to swim with the sharks at Compass Cay.

Sand Bar
Sand Bar
Boating around the Islands

Swimming with sharks at Staniel Cay: 

We got there early, when it was empty, so we had the chance to feed and play with the sharks. We were told to not put our hands in their eyes, or close to their mouths.

Compass Cay
Compass Cay

It was a cool experience interacting with these beautiful animals in The Bahamas!

At the end of our tour we returned to Nassau, and we flew back home.

Best time to visit The Bahamas:

From November to April.  (Avoid the hurricanes season from July to October)

Currency: Bahamian Dollar, Although U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere in the Bahamas

Official Language: English



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