Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is a vertical city, squeezed between buildings and mountains.  The apartments and street are very small and tiny.

Hong Kong is a mess that everybody loves!


Hong Kong at night!

Here’s the list of things to do in Hong Kong:

Victoria Peak:

Victoria Peak is a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island. It was originally a unique place of residence for the British governors and wealthy families. Today this place is lived in by millionaires of the city, and no doubt the best place to live in Hong Kong. Here you can also visit The Peak Tower. It is one of the most modern architectural icons in Hong Kong. There are restaurants, bars and shops inside.

The Peak Tower


To get there, you can go by car or bus. There are very good restaurants inside, from Chinese to International food.  

Have drinks at Ozone Bar:

This is the highest bar in the world, located on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.  With a magnificent view of the bay and Hong Kong’s city skyscrapers, it is a must go-to place.

Visit Nan Lian Garden:

This is a Chinese garden, with an amazing collection of trees and a lake full of goldfish. If you like nature, this is a beautiful and quiet place to visit.



Shopping in Hong Kong:

Mong Kog Ladies Market is an outdoor mall, and also has many outlets to buy from.  Here you can find everything you can imagine, from real to copies of famous brands, street food and restaurants. 


Take the Ding Ding:

The Double-decker tram “Ding Ding”,  has been one of the main ways of public transportion since 1904. It is also a tourist attraction. If you want to see the city, and streets of Hong Kong like a Honk Kongnese, this would be a fun thing to do.


Party in Lan Kwai Fong:

Here you will find bars, clubs, restaurants and lounges.  If you enjoy partying, this is the right place to go.



Visit the Kowloon Park:

Kowloon Park is located, in the other side of the Bay. Kowloon is different compared to Hong Kong, the streets are wider and cleaner.  There are also a lot of stores and restaurants.


Try Dim Sum:

Check out  Yum Cha Tsim Sha Tsui  near Kowloon Park, which is 10 minutes walking distance.  Here you will find a variety of chinese food. They make different types of Dim Sum.  Some look like flowers, dogs, pigs and funny faces.


Ride on the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator:

This is the world’s longest outdoor, covered escalator system, stretching for over 800-meters and rising 135-meters through the streets on a steep hillside, linking the districts of Hong Kong Island. You can stop along the way, to go to restaurants, bars or of course, shopping.

Visit Lantau Island:

Here is where you can visit the Big Buddha, Tian Tan Buddha, the largest statue of Buddha sitting outdoors in Asia. It is 34 meters high and symbolizes the harmony of man with nature. 


His high right hand is a blessing to all visitors. You can go up and get very close to the statue. There are over 200 steps to get up to the top. There are also temples around the Island.


Big Buddah


Day Trip to Macau:

Take a short ferry ride away – to Macau.   Don’t forget your passport, because it is technically another country, or SAR.  There’s much more to Macau than casinos.   Be sure to take some time to explore and understand the Portuguese history and influence – it’s a fascinating look into world history. 

Hong Kong is a great place to visit.  Make sure you have time to stay there for a few days.There are too many places and things to explore in this town. We had good times and hopefully we can return many times again.

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar 

Official Language:Cantonese 



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