Exploring Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

After spending a few days in Bangkok, we traveled to Krabi. Arriving in Krabi, we bought the tickets at the Ferry station, and had to wait for the ferry that took us to Phi Phi Don. It took almost one hour to get there. Getting to Phi Phi Don was not easy, but it was worth it. We spent a few days exploring the Islands and relaxing on the beach. 

Tour around Phi Phi Islands:

To go around the islands, we took a private tour and paid 1500 baht/ $42,00 dollars, for a long tail boat.



The first stop was at Monkey Beach. Here are several little crazy monkeys looking for food and interacting with tourists. 

Monkey Beach

Exploring Maya Bay – “The Beach”

This place is s real paradise, it became more famous after the movie The Beach, with Leonardo di Caprio. The beach is gorgeous, with turquoise water surrounded by mountains. 

Maya Bay




Another cool thing to do in Phi Phi Islands are the water sports. We went parasailing which was a little bit scary but fun!

Water sports

There are many bars, clothing and convenience stores in Phi Phi Don. We were walking around the streets, when we decided to go to a bar, to watch typical Muai Thai Fighting. We went to place called Reggae Bar, 

Arriving at the bar, we sat down and bought some drinks. Then, when we least expected the organizers of the show, invited two female participants to fight. They walked around the stadium, asking who  wanted to fight. Thais was the first one to say yes. During the fight Keith thought he was a real coach, and he was yelling to Thais: more kicks, more kicks, and giving Thais water.

Thais won all 3 rounds of the match.  At the last round she knocked the other fighter onto the floor, and began to punch her in the face. They stopped the fight, and gave Thais a medal and a bucket of drinks.

It was pretty fun! We love Thailand.




Best time to visit Phi Phi Islands:

The best weather is from November to February. Avoid the rainy season from May to October. It is also very hot in March.



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