Crossing the Border at Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe to Zambia

On our trip to Africa, we decided to be as adventurous as we could.  We were staying in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, very close to Zambia and Botswana. We walked across the Victoria Falls bridge, which was finished in 1905, to explore the unknown.  This bridge straddles the border from Zimbabwe to Zambia, and includes 1 lane for vehicular traffic, a railroad track and walkways for pedestrians on either side.

How to get to Zambia from Zimbabwe?

If you are staying in Victoria Falls, you can easily walk across the Bridge, or take a taxi.  Before you reach Zambia, you are going to pass through Zimbabwe immigration also when you leave.

They need to check if you are allowed to get into the country, and if you have paid for the correct visa.   In our case, we had UniVisa.

Read more about Univisa here: A Guide to Visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

We had our passport stamped, and we walked across the bridge to Zambia.  On the way we were followed by a lot of locals selling stuff and asking if we wanted to go Zip Lining or Bungee Jumping, like it was one of the most common things in the world that a normal human being would just decide to do at the spur of the moment, but  it was not.  We were scared enough to walk across that old bridge and then someone, walks up to you and asks, “Hey Dd you want to jump it?  No, thank you very much.   Next time, Keith is going to pay for that guy to do the jump.





After walking across the bridge, we finally got to Zambia soil, where you can still see Victoria Falls and baboons running around like crazy, stealing food, and on the top of the trunks, trying to cross the border without walking, or pay for their visa, haha.  Smart monkeys!


Baboons on the top of the trunk

There are many nice hotels and activities in Zambia.  You can also check out Victoria Falls, and if you are a crazy person you can swim in the Devil’s pool: a natural swimming pool at the end of the waterfall, literally on the edge, which people are allowed to sit at, and enjoy the views!

The biggest reason we went to Zambia, was because we (Thais) were going to fly over Victoria Falls on an ultralight. It was first a microlight, but because of the raining they changed for a Ultralight  for her safety.




She did it! Keith was more scared than Thais, as always!

Currency in Zambia: Zambian Kwacha, U.S. Dollars are acceptable.

Official Language: English (It was a British colony)

Capital of Zambia: Lusaka




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