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Traveling the Continents features adventures in travel, destination guides, and travel tips from around the world. Here we are sharing our experiences.

Meet us:

My name is Thais. I am a Brazilian, Certified Flight Attendant. I worked many years for an Airline Company. I have skills in Tourism, Hospitality and Marketing. I speak Portuguese (native language), English and Spanish (learning French).

My name is Keith. I am from The United States. I have degree in Engineering. I speak English and Portuguese.

We both love animals, traveling, photography, adventures, visiting new places and seeing different cultures.  It is one of greatest reasons that has made us to stick together, since we have met. (Thais also loves fashion).  

We met in 2012, and we got married in 2014.  We live in The United States of America, and we travel around the world, on vacation, holidays and for work.  

Our mission is to inspire, and help you to explore the world.

Enjoy reading our Travel Blog!