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The most beautiful places to visit in Italy as a couple

Europe is one of the most visited places in the world.  There are gorgeous beaches, stunning mountains, The Alps, history, castles, lakes and phenomenal food. A lot of people visit Europe on vacation, as solo travelers, backpackers, families and couples. We have been to Europe several times, and Italy is one of our favorites countries.

Here’s the most beautiful places to visit in Italy as a couple:

Venice and Burano

A trip to Italy would not be complete, if you did not visit Venice and Burano on a romantic trip.  The canals and the incredible views, are going to make you feel even more passionate.

Take a gondola ride around Venice, have a gelato and walk around the colorful houses of Burano.




Verona and Lake Garda

Very close to Venice, it is hard to believe that a lot of visitors skip this beautiful charming town, which is full of romance.

Visit Juliet’s house, from the novel Romeo and Juliet, than drive 3o minutes, to spend the rest of the day admiring the sunset at Lake Garda.

Lake Garda

Milan, Lake Como and Bellagio: Milan is a big metropolis, but it is still romantic.  There are very nice restaurants and the most romantic area of the town: Navigli , which will remind you of Venice.

Visit Navigli and take a train to Lake Como: less than 45 minutes away.

Lake Como is a romantic with breathtaking views surrounded by mountains.  It is possible to take a boat ride and visit  Bellagio on a day trip!

Duomo Cathedral
Lake Como
Sunset in Bellagio


Take your loved one to visit Florence and Pisa.  Both these cities have interesting things , from wine tours, museums, churches  to the leaning tower of Pisa.




Rome and Vatican City

 The old architecture in Rome, the tiny streets, the fountains, bridges and history makes you travel back in time.

Visit the historical sites, go out for a romantic dinner and walk holding hands along the bridges.



Fontana di Trevi
Vatican City


Here you will find the country’s best pizza, pasta and coffee!

Take a cooking class, and try each other’s food, with a fine glass of wine, and have gelato deserts. There is nothing nicer than cooking with your loved one!


Delicious Pasta!


A romantic day would start with a nice breakfast view of the mediterranean sea, a massage and spending the rest of the day sailing, and discovering the hidden places around this gorgeous Island.

Tunnel of Love, Capri (source)


Geographically isolated from the rest of Italy, making it unique and interesting to visit it.

Enjoy the beaches, visit the caves, forests and try the unique cosine.

Sardegna (source)


Nothing could be more romantic than spending time, with your loved one, exploring the Amalfi Coast, relaxing on the beach, drinking wine or just eating a gelato; all while watching people living La Dolce Vita.

Rent a vespa and drive around the Island.

Positano (source)

Cinque Terre

Surrounded by old villages and the Riviera coastline, Cinque Terra is great place to relax and to enjoy dramatic coastal scenery.

Spend your days on the beach, eating delicious seafood pasta and appreciating the marvelous views.

Cinque Terre (source)

We have been to half of these places: Venice, Verona, Lake Garda, Milan, Lake Como, Bellagio and Tuscany.  The other half is on our bucket list.  Italy as many other countries in Europe, is very nice and romantic.  It is a perfect gateway for a nice vacation!

Best time to visit: Low season, from December to March, the price is cheaper compared to the summer.

Currency: Euro

Oficial language: Italian






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