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What To Do and See in Chiang Mai

Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a city with a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful temples and memorable landscapes. It is the second largest city in Thailand and considered the spiritual capital of the country. There more than 300 temples in the city alone. 

What to do and see in Chiang Mai?

Visit  Elephant Nature Park:  It is a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants.  

To visit you need to make the reservations beforehand, than a representative of the park will pick you up at your hotel.

When we got there, we first had to change our clothes and wear the uniform of the park.  They introduced the park to us then talked about the life of the elephants and their business. We had the opportunity to feed the elephants, to give them a bath  and walk around the farm.


GOPR0993 2.JPG





Visit the Temples: 

Wat Chiang Man, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang are the most beautiful temples in our opinion.







Wat Chedi Luang:
 It was built in 1441, and is one of the tallest structures in ancient Chiang Mai (82 meters). This temple housed the famous Emerald Buddha.

Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang

Eat delicious Thai food at the Sunday Night Market:

Chiang Mai is very famous by, the street markets. They open on Sundays from 4pm to mid night. Located within the Old City, it is considered the best and most genuine of Chiang Mai, focused on crafts and local food.


We also visited the Tiger Kingdom.  This place, like many others in Thailand is very controversial. They told us the tigers are raised differently, and they also have another type of diet.

They sleep 75 hours per day. We saw them playing with the tigers to make them to get tired, so they sleep the whole day. Making it possible for people to visit them up close.  



Disclaimer: We researched before, visiting this place. According to our research, if they give drugs to the animals, it would make them awake, lost and very angry, making it more dangerous for the visitors. 

We visited the big city, the Islands and the Mountains.   It was a great experience, visiting all these places in Thailand.  

Best time to visit Chiang Mai: The best weather is from November to February. Avoid the rainy season from May to October. It is also very hot in March.

 Currency: Thai baht

 Official Language: Thai






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