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15 Things To Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and the largest metropolitan area in the world. Japan is one of the cleanest, organized places that we have ever seen.  Not to mention the demonstration of technology.  
The impression was of being in some futuristic movie or on another planet.

Here’s our tips on what to do in Tokyo:

1. Visit Tokyo Skytree: 

Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest, free-standing tower. Located in Sumida. There is an observatory, on the top of the tower, where you can have great views of the city.


2. Check out Shibuya Cross Street: It is the busiest pedestrian, crossing street in the world.



3. Sing Karaoke: The Japanese people love to sing Karaoke. There are several places to find Karaoke bars, all over the city.

Karaoke Time! Bar Champion, Shinjuku

4. Visit Shinjuku Gardens: There are stunning gardens in Tokyo. If you want to see the blossoms, you have to go at the right time, around the landmark month of march.

Shinjuku Gardens

 5.  Eat Sushi: Of course, do not forget to try sushi, sashimi, rice bowl, kombucha tea and sake. True Japanese food in Japan, certainly the best sushi in the world.


6. Check out Tsukiji: It is the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market.   This is where most of the world’s sushi comes from, no matter where it was caught.

7. Go to New York Grill Restaurant, at the Park Hyatt Hotel: This bar has became more famous, after the movie: Lost In Translation. Here you can have dinner, or just enjoy the atmosphere at the bar, listening to the Jazz Band. We loved New York Grill the food is excellent! 

New York Grill Restaurant

8. Enjoy the Nightlife at Golden Gai: Where all the mini streets are packed with bars and restaurants.  The bars of Golden Gai support 5 people, beyond the bartender.

9.Walk around Shinjuku Business District: Here you can find a lot of stores, and all kind of weird restaurants and great nightlife.



10. Visit the Tokyo Tower: a telephone, tower with mesmerizing views of Tokyo.


11. Watch people in Harajuku: Here is a great place to go watch people. They like to dress up as cosplay and geishas.

12. Go to Meiji-jingu: One of the biggest temples in Tokyo, is in a beautiful green area next to the Yoyogi Park.



 13. Shopping in Ginza: Here you will find upscale area full of shops, huge department stores, restaurants and eateries.

14. Go to a themed restaurant: The most famous is the Robot Restaurant  located in Shinjuku. There are colorful lights, and girls dancing with Robots. 

15. Visit Mount Fuji: It is an active volcano, and Japan’s highest mountain. It takes around two hours to get there, depending on traffic. You can reach there by car, train or bus.

Interesting facts about Japan: Some Japanese toilets are very cool: you can listen to music, and select how your seat can be: warm or not. The Japanese think about everything.

People are always busy on their phones.

They are very polite: even when they are sick, they uses masks, so they do not pass diseases to other people.

They don’t like when you tip.  They believe they are doing a great job.  Tipping is kind of offensive for them.

They always take off their shoes when entering a home or business.

Not too many people may speak english. But they are super friendly, and they always try to help if you need.


Best time to visit Tokyo: The best weather is from October to November. Cherry blossom starts in March.

Currency: Yen

Official Language: Japanese








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