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What To Do in Singapore in 2 days

One reason that Singapore is so interesting, is the great cultural and religious diversity, concentrated in one single place.

You can literally travel between at least 3 different cultures (Chinese, Indians and Malaysians), in a small city-state, which still manages to combine the traditional with the modern. It is also one of the smallest, most developed and richest countries in the world.

We traveled from Hong Kong to Singapore. We wanted to explore the city for few days and discover what it has to offer.

Here are our tips on what to do in Singapore in 2 days:

Check out Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We could not miss the chance to stay at the Marina Bay Sands. We first went to the Infinity pool, as soon as we got there.

The pool is known as “Infinity” because it appears to finish only at the end of the horizon. It is located on top of the three hotel buildings, on the 55th floor, it appears in the shape of a boat.  It measures 150 meters long. There are bars, restaurants and stores, all inside of this huge hotel. If you like gambling, there is a nice casino there too.

Only guests have access to the pool. However, the restaurants, bars, casino and part of the 55th floor observatory are open to the public.





Walk around the Gardens by the Bay:

There are large artificial trees, forests and lakes. There is also a bar and restaurant on the top of one tree, the Supertree Dining .  The dinner is not expensive. If you want just to enjoy the view, you can buy the ticket and have a free drink.



Go to the Botanic Garden:

The Singapore Botanic Garden, is an oasis in the heart of the city. It is worth a visit. This place is surrounded by trees, lakes and beautiful flowers.  Admission is free.



We stopped at the restaurant, The Halia next to the garden of orchids, to have some drinks and eat some snacks.  The menu has a variety of dishes and typical food and drinks.


Get lost in Chinatown:

There are colorful buildings and the famous Chinatown Food Street, is a real outdoor food court. There are also many stores as well.




Take a look at Merlion monument:

The Merlion monument is the  symbol of Singapore. This mythological figure is half fish and half lion. The Merlion name derives from the combination of two English words “mermaid” and “lion”.


The area near the Merlion has a privileged view of the ferris wheel called the Singapore Fyer, and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Ride the Singapore Flyer:

The  Singapore Flyer, is the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Each cabin can fit 28 people, who can enjoy in 30 minutes inside (time that lasts a full turn), seeing the whole city from a height of 165 meters.



 Enjoy the night at Clarke Quay:

It is on the banks of the Singapore River, full of restaurants and nightlife.

 Eat the local food:

Try the famous Chilli Crab and Hainanese chicken rice at Chinatown Seafood Restaurant. These dishes are delicious. You can find in many restaurants all around the town. Of course drink the famous Singapore Sling as well.

How to get around in Singapore?

Singapore is expensive. But at least the taxis are cheap. 

Another choice is walk. We were able to visit a lot places on foot. Grab a map, wear comfortable shoes and get ready to explore the city!

When is the best weather in Singapore?

Singapore is a quite hot.  The rainy season is between November and January, while the driest months last from May to July.

Currency: Singaporean Dollar

Official Language: English








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