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A quick guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is surround by canals and beautiful parks.  There are many bars and restaurants all over the place.

We explored the town by foot and by bicycle. As is well known, the city has plenty of well-marked bike paths, making this the preferred means of transport.

A lot of people enjoy riding bicycles, from tourists to locals. You can also use the trains, which are a very fast way to move around the town.

We ate a lot of local food, such as Vlaamse Friets (french fries), stroopwaffles (wafles). It was nice to ride a bike and burn all the calories!!

Top things to do in Amsterdam:

Visit the Van Gogh Museum: where you can find important paintings such as The Room (1888), Sunflowers (1889), and self-portraits, among others.  These are all gathered in this museum dedicated to the famous Dutch painter.

Van Gogh Painting

Visit The Anne Frank House: the house where the young Jewish writer and her family lived in a secret annex, to hide from the Nazis for two years.   This is where she wrote her famous journal, with stories of anguish, about her secret life, during the Nazi occupation of Holland.  You can visit the original location at 263 Prinsengracht Street.



Then ride your bike to Museumplein (Museum Square): located between the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, near the museum Stedelijk.  It is the home of Concertgebouw.  The square of the museum is one of the main meeting points in Amsterdam, as well as a popular venue for some events and festivals. This is where you will also find the monument “I (heart) Amsterdam”, in large letters.



Take a Boat Tour: this is an excellent choice for those who want to see this beautiful city of canals and at least a thousand bridges, from a different angle.  In general, common cruises have audio guides, covering some of the main points of the city.




Check out the famous Dutch windmills: 

Zaanse Schans is 17 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station and the visiting the site is worth the charming landscape, cafes / restaurants, museums and more.  You can take the train in the direction Uitgeest and get off at Koog-Zaandijk station. From the station, you will need to walk about 15 minutes, just follow the signs.

Dutch Windmills

Go to the famous coffee shops: the use of soft drugs like marijuana is tolerated in Amsterdam. This means that you can get the substance in an appropriate location, like one of the many coffee shops in the city, and use it on site. But contrary to what you think, smoking is not allowed on the street, and is strictly prohibited to carry across borders any amount whatsoever. I am not saying go there to smoked weed. It is just an interesting place to see. 


Check out the Red light district: there are a lot of different things to see there, from Marijuana coffee Shops, to sex shows etc… Be respectful and don’t take pictures of the girls inside the windows.


Best time to visit Amsterdam:

The best  weather in Amsterdam is from April to May. The Tulips starts blooming from April to May.

Currency: Euro

Official Language: Dutch







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