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A quick guide to Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria, is right on the border of Germany, and is less than a 2 hour drive by car from Munich. The city has about 118,000 people. It is located between 7 Alpine mountains.

Innsbruck is a popular destination for those who like to ski, other winter sports, or just enjoy the beauty of the city. The city is small, in a day, it is possible to visit a lot of places. 



The main tourist attraction of the city is called the Golden Roof.  A set of 3 balconies of the fifteenth century, covered by a small roof, formed by almost 3,000 copper strips, which glisten in the sun and can be seen in the distance.


Visit Markt Halle, right in the city center, and full of typical Austrian food. If you have to extra money, go shopping in the main shopping street with breathtaking views of the Alps.

Visit St. James Cathedral, one of the city’s most famous and beautiful in Innsbruck, and The Imperial Palace of Innsbruck,  one of the most important in Austria. It includes Rococo style houses, an important collection of paintings and tapestries.

Walk through the Triumphal Arch (Triumphforte).  Built in 1765, by order of Empress Maria Theresa, The Arc is on Maria Theressien Strasse in the center of commercial life and the second symbol of the city.

Climb the Stadtturm Town Tower:

It is an observation tower, built in the 1400s with stunning views, from the top and interesting design stairs.

Tickets for Stadtturm Town Tower are available on the site, and coast less than 5 euros.



Interesting fact: The name Innsbruck come from the River Inn. The word Bruck or Brucke, in German means River. 


Innsbruck is surrounded by the beautiful famous mountain range, the Alps. It is definitely a great place to live and visit!

Best time to visit Innsbruck : best weather is from  April to October.

Currency: Euro

Official Language: Germany





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