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How to spend 3 days in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It has a population of only 3.5 million and has attractions for all interests. The city is renowned for its numerous and fantastic museums, cultural events, street art, history, gastronomy, nightlife and diversity.  The best part is that the city is still one of the cheapest capitals of Western Europe.

To visit the city you can travel by metro, car or taxi. Or you can rent a bicycle if you like.  Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to walk a LOT!

What to do and see in Berlin?

Check Point Charlie: the famous border crossing between West and East Berlin. From the hotel we could see a big piece of the old Berlin wall and many museums. Such as Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin Wall Museum and Trabi Museum.  We could visit all these places by foot.

Berlin Wall East Side Gallery:

This outdoor art gallery offers lots of sentiments expressed by graffiti on the largest part of what remains of the Berlin Wall. The same wall that divided the city of Berlin, is today a symbol of freedom. Numerous artists, from various countries leave their illustrations and messages on the wall. This is where you can find artistic graffiti creations, like the emblematic “The Fraternal Kiss”, between Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and the leader of the then East Germany, Erich Honecker.  It is 1.3 km of wall.  We walked  until the end of the wall until the crossing of the Spree River.  There is a very cool place called YAAM beach club, which has several places to eat and drink.

Oberbaum Bridge
East Side Gallery
The Fraternal Kiss

Go on the top of Alexanderplatz:

It is one of the largest squares in Europe.  This square is the heart of East Berlin. It was the center of East Berlin during the Cold War. The main attraction of the square is the World Clock (Weltzeituhr), an astronomical clock, that displays the different time zones in different cities worldwide. From this square you can also see the Television Tower (Fernsehturm Berlin), which is the tallest building in the entire city of Berlin (368 m).

Television Tower
Television Tower

Walk around Brandenburg Gate:

This monument  for decades represented the division of Berlin, is now the iconic symbol of the city, after the fall of the Wall in 1989.  Today is the symbol of prosperity and German reunification monument.

Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate

See the Reichstag:

The parliament of the German government.  it was destroyed in World War II, but was rebuilt between 1961 and 1971.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany.  It is possible to  visit the interior of the Reichstag.  The entrance is free but must be scheduled in advance.


Visit the Holocaust Monument:

A memorial to the six million Jews killed during the Nazi regime. On 10 May 2005, the monument was inaugurated as part of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, and two days later was opened to the public.

We recommend spending at least 3 or 5 days full days, if you want to explore all the sights of the city. Berlin is replete with culture and interesting things do to and see.  


Best time to visit Berlin: The cheapest time, is during the winter: from December to February.  

Currency: Euro

Official Language: Germany







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