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Road Trip in Italy

Italy is always a nice place to visit, the food, the people, the views almost everything is perfect and nice. Our  road trip adventure started in Milan.


First stop: Milan

Milan is the second most populous metropolitan city in Italy. Milan is well developed with large buildings and is a very busy city, also known as the capital of Fashion. 

There are a lot of things to see in the city. We first visited Duomo Cathedral, this stunning cathedral  began construction in 1385. It has a gothic style and impressive architecture.  Inside the Duomo there is a museum.  We were not able to visit it, because it was closed to visitors when we were there.

After visiting Duomo, we went to visit Galleria Vittorio Emauele II.  This galleria was built in the first half of the 19th century, is one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. The architecture is very impressive.  There are cafes, restaurants and shops of famous designer brands inside.

We also visited Navigli, this is a very busy area.  At any time of day there are hundreds of people drinking coffee or cocktails, eating and chatting. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, pizzerias and gelato stores. The views of the canals are beautiful.

Duomo Cathedral
Galleria Vittorio Emanule II
The gallery ceiling
Stunning Architecture!


Second stop: Venice
Venice is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world.   The colors, the canals, the gondolas and the smell of Italian food, will be never forgotten on our mind.  The best way to get around is by foot.

Dreaming in Venice!

We walked through the Piazza San Marco (St. Marco’s Square).  It is impossible not to go to Piazza San Marco. We sat in a coffee shop to watch the lifestyle of the locals and the behavior of the tourists.  We ate Italian pasta, and we bought a delicious gelato.  

There are a lot of things to see, in St. Marco’s Square as Basilica de San Marco, the most famous church in Venice.  There’s no fee to tour the main part of the basilica. It is located in the main square of Venice, where the most important monuments are as Doges’ Palace, Torre Dell’ Orologio and Campanile the bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica.

The most Romantic city in the world 
St. Marks Square
Rialto Bridge


Why not take a Gondola ride?  Prices change depending on the time of the day.  The gondola fits up 6 people.  We were guided by a “gondolier”  the ‘Captain’ of the gondolas.  They are also tourist guides.  During the tour, the gondolier will tell you about the history of Venice, the origins of the buildings and who lived in the Venetian palaces.

If you find the Gondola ride too expensive, you can always take a ride on Vaporetto, the Venetian water bus or public ferry.  It is cheaper and pretty fun.  You can buy from 1 to 7 days passes. 

Venice Grand Canal
Gondola tour
Venice at night!

How to get to Venice?

Venice can be reached by airplane, train or automobile. The city’s airport is Marco Polo International, serving both domestic and International flights. The train station is very close to the Grand Canal.
There is a small train station that connects the island with the mainland, and you can also get there using bus or gondola. 


Bye Venice!  Hello Verona!

Verona is located in the region known as Veneto, on the banks of the Adige River it is  about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Venice by car.  It is one of the most charming cities in Italy.  We recommend spending some time in Verona. The city is beautiful and the hotels are cheaper than Venice.

We first visited  the Colosseum of Verona which is the 3rd largest in the world, that still exists.  It formerly staged gladiator fights and later tournaments of knights. Today it has been turned into a venue for musical concerts and operas.  

Colosseum of Verona
Inside of the Colosseum

Near the Colosseum is located Piazza delle Erbe.  There are restaurants, shops, and a street vendors, selling everything from souvenirs to food items.

Being in Verona, we could not pass up the opportunity to visit Juliet’s House.  It has not been proven that she has actually lived there, but many people visit the house and write their names on the wall, or touch the breast of Juliet’s monument.  They believe it brings luck in love. 

Piazza delle Erbe
Juliet’s Balcony
Juliet’s Monument

How to get to Verona?

By airplane, car, bus or train.  Verona’s airport is about 7 miles from the city center.


Visiting Lago di Garda

The last place we visited was Lago di Garda (Lake Garda).  We left Verona, and spent the rest of the day and the evening in Lake Garda.

Lago di Garda (Lake Garda)

Lake Garda is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and is the largest in Italy.  The lake is located between the provinces of Brescia and Verona, surrounded by beautiful villages with many parks and resorts.  The lake is also just between the two major cities of the region, Milan and Venice, and also just 30 minutes from Verona by car.

Also called Benaco, Lake Garda has a fascinating story, told by castles and ruins of ancient Roman villas.  In some places the lake is up to 350 meters deep.


Sunset Time

How to get to Lake Garda?

By car or train + bus.  From Milan or Venice, get off at the train station Desenzano del Garda, and from there take bus to Sirmione.  The closest airport is Bergamo-Orio al Serio, about 80 km from the lake.

Tips: We highly recommend that you rent a car, as it is very easy to drive in Italy and Western Europe.  The most beautiful of all, is to watch the views along the way!

Best time to visit Lake Garda: September to November the temperature is cool.  It is also the end of the high season (Summer June-August).

Currency: Euro

Official Language: Italian






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