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A quick guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina 

In Argentina  people are friendly, the food is wonderful, the city is very charming and there are a lot of places to see.  The city has a European touch and a bohemian style. 

What to do in Buenos Aires?

Check out La Casa Rosada: the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. A few blocks from Casa Rosada is Puerto Madero.  It is a beautiful port with bars and restaurants near by.

Puerto Madero
La Casa Rosada

Walk around Calle Florida (Florida Street). Located in downtown. There are a lot stores and free tango street shows (tip is expected). Calle Florida is the most famous street in Buenos Aires.

Calle Florida

Visit La Boca, where there is the stadium of La Bombonera  or Boca Juniors  . The most famous stadium of Buenos Aires and the famous Caminito. 

What is the Caminito?

Caminito is a beautiful place, filled with art and colorful walls.  It is s very nice place, to enjoy an afternoon walk, or to drink coffe with delicious Argentinian  alfajores!

Buenos Aires 090



Watch a tango show: one of the best restaurant is Senor Tango located in Barracas Neighborhood. 

Try steak Chorizo, a typical dish, with an authentic Argentinian wine.


Check out San Telmo and Palermo Soho, one of  the coolest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Visit Recoleta neighborhood, where one of the most famous cemeteries in the world is located.  They have elaborate tombs, which are like small houses; 

Check out the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, it is a national historic monument located in the Plaza de la República  the most popular symbol of Buenos Aires.

Tips: Ezeiza Airport is the major international airport. To get to Buenos Aires, going by taxi or bus.

Best time to visit Buenos Aires: the best travel deals are between April and June.

Currency: Argentine Peso.

Official language: Spanish.




South America


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